Electrical Fuel Pump Tester FPT 10


GEI Systems, Inc


The following major components have been used:

To perform the entire test with "one button to push" :

Free Run Test. Test Profile sets the desired/preset voltage level at the power supply and monitors the current required to pump the fuel. No load is applied to the output port of the tested unit through flow control valve and the amount of flow is measured at that same time.

High Pressure Test. Computer sets a desired voltage and shuts off the output port of the pump. The Pressure level at the input port is monitored to compare it with the max. pressure from the spec. This test verifies the preset value of the internal relief valve built in the pump as well as the amount of current this pump draws from the power supply.

Performance Test. During this test for every pair of command parameters: power supply voltage and back pressure at the output port, the computer stores the pair of output parameters: current from power supply and fuel flow level through the pump. This information creates a performance curve which is unique for each electrical pump. This also displays the efficiency of the unit.

Optional an acoustic chamber for noise measurement can be installed.
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