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GT56 is built on the frame of Gleason 17 manual tester. Our retrofit version of GT56 SFT has integrated direct drives installed on both spindles: Pinion and Gear.
That feature allows us to eliminate any potential influence of the belt drive on test results.
GT56 is equipped with optical linear encoders installed on all three axes for precise and controlled positioning for desired mounting conditions.
Manual screw control can be replaced with "CNC" type controller.
Angular Optical Encoders with adaptor hub are installed on both spindles for TE measuring capability better than 1 mrad
Integrated DC frameless motors with water cooling system and PWM controller provide smooth and repeatable closed loop control of the test profile to deliver desired RPM/ mesh frequiency at the pinion spindle with a precision load at the gear spindle.
Gleason 17 is a TradeMark of Gleason Corp
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GT56 Retrofit Model Single Flank Tester