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List of GEI customers:

Arctic Cat
Automation Engineering
Ampere Automotive
Alma Products
Alliance, Div. of Freightliner
American Armature, Inc
BBB Industries
Continental Hydraulics
CPL (Canada)
Cardone Ind
Detroit Diesel
Dana Corp.
Eaton Corp.
Excel Automotive
Ford Motor Co.
GM Corp.
Hitachi Corp.
Innovex Corp.
Infomag Inc.
Mar Engineering
Metric Engineering
MTS Systems Corp.
M&K Industries
Nortronics Inc.
Reviva Corp.
Southland Rebuilders
Tomadur Engine, GPD
Tennant Corp.
TL Systems
TAM Engineering
Universal Manufacturing

GEI Systems, Inc

In 1989, GEI Systems began development of a very sophisticated Single Flank Tester GT40 for real time evaluation of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears used in automotive, truck and off highway transmissions and axle applications. This project was originated to implement Dr. Gutman's vision of how these types of gears should be tested based on his knowledge about design, manufacturing and testing of hypoid gears.

Based on this product line, GEI Systems became involved in the retrofiting/instrumenting of existing systems. Capitalizing on this experience GEI Systems later began designing and manufacturing its own testing equipment for use in the automotive industry. During the last 15 years GEI Systems has developed a series of test products which have been successfully installed at many customer sites and have been widely accepted as industry standards.
GEI Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Minnesota on February 2, 1990 and is known as a developer and manufacturer of testing devices, computer controlled testing stations, and other equipment based on computer control. GEI Systems, Inc. has product applications and precision testing devices that apply similar advanced technology to testing of major automotive parts.

Dr. Yevsey Gutman is the founder and CEO of the company. The company is composed of a small group of experienced, highly motivated and committed technical professionals who are managed under Dr. Gutman's technical leadership.
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Fax: (612) 920-7955
(see list of Dr. Gutman publications and patents)