Transmission Error Data Acquisition and Analysis System

GEI Systems, Inc

Interface electronics including DAQ boards (National Instruments) and signal conditioners developed by GEI for fast data acquisition;

A software package to process and analyze the data with hook-ups to VB and LabView applications;

Interface to the network of sensors including:

This "TE Analyzer" is a fully integrated computer based portable system with:
GEI Systems provides support to design the adaptor between existing shafts and commercial encoders.
System can be used with laptop as well as with standard desk top computers.
GEI Systems provides both commercial and proprietary channel splitters for the case of when encoders are already mounted on the existing system and connected to another host computer. This feature allows the user to utilize the existing hardware and prevents any interferences between the TE box and the existing hardware.

This system also provides a "listening" mode when it can be connected to the existing Transmission Error analysis system through a network of splitters to collect and independently analyze results in parallel with existing system.
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