Transmission Testers

GEI Systems, Inc

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This system performs the test of transmission at different shifting position to evaluate the Transmission Error, backlash and efficiency for each gear.

The Free run test is performed when no load is attached to the output and to verify the transmission assembly quality.
This system is equipped with a proprietary computer controlled shifter to measure the shifting effort and the shifting positions.

The tester performs as a dyno system with two modules attached to the input and output shafts. The input is driven by a computer controlled vector drive - a DC motor. The output shaft is attached to the computer controlled magnetic particle brake.

Both dyno elements are controlled by computer during the test using a test Profile file created specifically for each test.

With the use of this Profile, the entire test can be performed as a"one button to push" operation.
DSP analysis is performed for each mesh frequency and determines runouts for each shaft.
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