Backlash Tester

GEI Systems, Inc

This tester is capable of monitoring the amount of backlash between both profiles continuously for a preset duration which can be determined in number of meshes, number of revolutions of the input shaft or as the number of complete cycles. One complete cycle is determined based on a combination of teeth on both members. If the pinion has 15 teeth and the gear has 23 teeth then the entire cycle is represented by 23 revolutions of the pinion shaft. In short, complete cycle consists of Zp*Zg number of meshes, in this case it is 15*23=345 meshes.
Results display the backlash as a time history for the entire test cycle. The FFT analysis is done on the backlash to determine runouts, short and long components and tooth-to-tooth variation, etc.
A light curtain is used to protect the working space from intrusion and aborts the test in the event of the curtain line is broken.
Based on statistical analysis of the data, the correction in shim size is determined and the recommendation for adjustment is displayed on the screen.
Software, including application programs, is developed for both the VB6 and LabView environments.
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